My Story and Mission….

Sweet and Simple.. my story is one of girl who has a desire to create and she gets her first taste of it in junior high when Home Economics was mandatory!  The first semester of class we got to make a stuffed animal!  I was so upset that I had to wait until second semester to really make an article of clothing. When the time came, I was so determined that I chose a silk shirt.. which came out pretty good except for those little shirt buttons I used as closures.  I had a few things to learn.  Since then my main goal was to do something with sewing full time.

I had attended a year of college, Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta but of course Life has a funny way of intervening and I took a few detours only to get led back to my passion of sewing.  Now that my children are growing and are moving out of my way, (lol), I am fully committed to pursuing a dream I had many years ago.  Please join me on this journey as I help to educate anyone who visits.


Mission of theSewDiva….

Educate on the mechanics of alterations, re-purposing of clothing and custom garment making for consumers.  Learn about fabrics and maybe a few techniques.  Provide unique quality garments to add to one’s wardrobe.

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