Buyer Beware….

Do you like Instagram Models and their fashion?  Or do you find fashions that are ridiculously cheap?

Take heed and read just where that garment is coming from.  Usually those garments have beginnings in China or another Asian country.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, but understand if you do.. your purchase might not stop there once you place your order.


Tips and suggestions when purchasing these items.

  • Take your time and look at the measurements of the said garment.  The sizes tend to run small because they are based off of the Asian body frame which tends to be typically smaller than our US bodies.
  • The fabrics noted in the descriptions might not be the same fabrics you wind up receiving.  For the garment to have such a low price, I’d like to bet a cheaper fabric was used to make it.
  • There could be time delays in receiving your order.  When shipping from overseas, it may take a few weeks for your garment to get to you.
  • If you happen to find that there is a garment you just can’t live without and you need to purchase, make sure it is big enough to fit on your body by taking the appropriate measurements and converting your inches to centimeters to ensure the proper size.  Once you receive the garment and it fits pretty good but may need some adjustments, a seamstress or tailor can possibly help with needed alterations.
  • If just maybe all is lost after seeing what you received, your purchase may be salvaged if it can be re-purposed into something else that is wearable.

Hopefully this information will help when you are online searching for bargains.  Check these articles that tell of similar issues when buying items from certain sites.

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