CDC Compliant Face Masks


*I’ve recently been published in Cleveland Magazine.

I am currently making face masks to donate to hospitals to help with the mask crisis. I realized that maybe people other than nurses might want these as well. Right now I’m in production and will be adding to my inventory daily. The “shield” type face mask (pictured below) and “square” masks are available, with a pocket for a filter. Please check back daily for different fabrics.


I appreciate all the support and appreciate your patience.

*New styles: Baby Yoda!, Black and White, Multicolor, Red/Blue Mix, Dashiki Colors, Blue/White Stars, Autism themed masks.

These are CDC-Compliant masks that will help to cover your face to keep you from touching your face and help reduce your inhalation of allergens in the air.

Masks are made with 100% cotton fabric. They consist of three layers of cotton fabric with elastic for the ears. Masks are reversible and washable.

I make No claim that this mask will 100% protect you from the Covid-19 virus. Please continue to wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer and practice social distancing. You can pair the shield mask with a disposable mask underneath and the square masks offer a pocket for your own filter.

Children’s masks can be purchased as well.  They offer a fit that looks like this:

  Recommended for adolescents… 8yrs of age to about 13yrs of age.

For the Culture Shield Mask   $10

All other masks are $10, Children’s mask $5

Black and White Shield Mask

 Child Face Mask


Multi Shield Mask

Child Mask


Red and Blue Shield Mask

Child Mask


Baby Yoda Shield Mask


Baby Yoda Shield Mask

Dashiki Masks in various colors (Red is shown but can purchased in other colors)

Dashiki Print will vary from mask to mask

Red Dashiki Shield Mask
Red is sold out but the other colors are available.
Orange Dashiki

Yellow Dashiki

Blue Dashiki

Autism Awareness Masks available!

Autism Awareness Shield Mask

Child Mask