I want something Custom made, what can I expect?


There is a garment you need to have.  Maybe it is a pricey designer original or mass produced garments don’t fit your body type or you need something original for an event, in any case, a possible solution is to have it made.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking on this task of having garments made.


Know what you want.
What is this garment for?  What season will it be worn?  What details do you want to add or remove (provided you are working with an inspiration pic) and what type of fabric do you want to use?  Unless you know fabrics, this would be a trip made with your seamstress/tailor.  Sometimes a fabric you want, might not be the best type for the garment you want made.

Be able to communicate what you want.img_20150319_104246.jpg
It helps to know terms for different types of clothing and sewing techniques.  For example, A gathered skirt is different from pleats and is different from ruffles.  It helps to have a picture or maybe a garment that has the same type of techniques you want.  What you ask for may inadvertently might not be what you get.


Measurements need to be taken.
Usually at the first meeting, plan on having your measurements taken.  This may require full head to toe measurements or maybe small measurements if you are just having a skirt or pair of pants made.  Usually a deposit (25%-50% of total) is required at this time for the seamstress to start their work.


There can be a number of fittings to determine how well the garment will fit your body and what you are comfortable with.  Sometimes your garment is first made in a cheap fabric called muslin to ensure the right fit.  In any case, the garment will need to be tried on to determine if you were measured properly and everything looks fine.  Be sure to bring shoes you will wear with the garment to ensure proper hem length.